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The Saving Our Blue Campaign was launched in 2019 by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour (MEER), with the aim of engaging the general public, NGOs and the private sector in the fight against marine litter and the negative impacts of using single-use plastics. In particular, the campaign seeks to address these challenges by: ​

  1. Educating and engaging citizens,
  2. Collaborating with NGOs and the private sector; and
  3. Encouraging a unified call to action that can support national movements to influence change

The foundations of the Campaign are based on the fact that today’s society, the roles and responsibilities of producers and consumers are inextricably linked; consumer choice is influenced by ​what producers produce, whilst producers naturally tend to make the items that consumers demand. This means that both groups have an important role to play in tackling marine litter, and that concerted action is needed by both producers and consumers if quantities of marine litter are to be significantly reduced. It is, therefore, necessary to raise awareness and to involve citizens in all the activities linked to marine litter, including clean-up activities and proper waste disposal.

Are you an individual, business or student interested in safeguarding our coastal and marine environment? If so, the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour is inviting you to be a part of the Saving Our Blue Campaign by filling the below form to share your green initiatives. Submitted information will be solely used to promote sustainable initiatives related to reducing marine litter and the consumption of single-use plastics on the Saving Our Blue Campaign’s Facebook and Instagram pages.